Social Work Service

Social Work in Transplant

Social workers generally meet with potential transplant recipients and their caregivers or family to complete a psychosocial assessment as part of the overall pre-transplant work-up. At that time information is gathered and the social worker can also provide information on coping strategies, relevant resources and planning for surgery. The social worker is an integral part of the care team.

Our Values

We use a client-centred approach to build on the strengths and resources of individuals, families and communities. We value interdisciplinary teamwork and community-based partnerships. Social Work is dedicated to preserving the values of human dignity, compassion, respect and self-determination.

Education and Professional Requirements

Social workers with the MOTP and the hospital in general are university prepared with a Masters Degree. There are two resource positions staffed by individuals with BSWs. All social workers are licensed and registered with the Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers and engage in annual professional development activities to remain current in their field of practice.

There are social workers associated with each area of the MOTP. Our contact information can be found on the contact us page. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have questions or you would like further information on how a social worker can help.