Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the transplant program located?

The Multi-Organ Transplant Program is located at the Victoria General Hospital site of The Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia. The program provides transplantation services for patients from the four Atlantic Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

What is transplanted at the QEII Health Sciences Centre?

Solid Organ transplantation including kidney, heart, liver and pancreas.

How many transplants are performed in a year?

Please see Statistics .

How long do people have to wait for a transplant?

The waiting time for a kidney transplant for an average person is two and half to three years. Heart and liver patients are not able to wait that long, but may wait from a few days to nine months.

How do you decide who can be placed on a transplant list?

Each patient is evaluated in terms of his/her medical condition and need. This is done by a team of healthcare professionals. Guidelines that would exclude a patient from the list are based on medical criteria and the probability of an unsuccessful transplant.

When an organ is available for transplant, how do you decide who will get it?

All organs are matched by blood group. Hearts and livers are matched by size, urgency, and time waiting. Kidneys are assigned by genetic matching (DNA) and time waiting. Size is sometimes taken into consideration.