Transplant Atlantic 2019 Registration

Transplant Atlantic is being held on October 25th at Atlantica Hotel (1980 Robie St, Halifax, NS).
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Registration Details
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Do you require a certificate of attendance for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or Continuing Education Unit (CEU) submission? (Certificates will be emailed after the conference)

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Please indicate your attendance to the following breakout sessions and meetings. For each concurrent session, you will only be allowed to choose one topic. Please refer to the program for details.

Session One
Kidney Transplant Business Meeting (Closed Session) (Time: 0700 - 0800)
Organ Donation Coordinators Meeting (Closed Session) (Time: 0700 - 0800)
Session Two
Welcome to Transplant Atlantic 2019 (Time: 0800 - 0830)
Session Three
Keynote Address Expanding the Donor Pool (Time: 0830 - 0930)
Session Four
Novel Cooling Device for Renal Transplant (Time: 0930 - 1010)
CAR T Cell Therapy" (Time: 0930 - 1010)
Session Five
Post-Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder (Time: 1030 - 1110)
Session Six
Research and Innovations (Time: 1115 - 1200)
Session Seven
Lung Transplant and NS Involvement (Time: 1305 - 1345)
Live Liver Donation" (Time: 1305 - 1345)
Session Eight
Tribute to Dr. Shelly Sarwal (Time: 1350 - 1410)
Session Nine
Presumed Consent (Time: 1415 - 1455)
Session Ten
Liver Transplant Business Meeting (Time: 1510 - 1630)